Mothers and daughters always find fun and exciting things to do together, especially when it comes to girl stuff, such as make up and mani-pedis and hairdos. Of course, if your little girl is too young, then make up and colouring her hair is out of the question, but there still are plenty of cool […]

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Nowadays, more and more of us seem to understand the advantages of being a brunette. There are not few of us who already managed to get themselves at least once in their lives a beautiful hair change, such as dying their hair into the majestic brunette hair color. If you are wondering why should you go for it, stick with us and keep reading!

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It is quite easy for mostly everyone, to get a caramel colored hair. It can choose to color your hair entirely, or do only some highlights or lowlights on it. If your hair is in a darker shade (for example, brunette or dark brown), you hair coloring may require that you make a visit to the salon, in order to obtain the results you want.

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Nowadays, dying your hair is not a secret or a risky business anymore. All women go for it, and there’s no wonder why, since there are so many advantages of having another hair color than the natural one! The mahogany hair color is one hair color taken up more and more by most of the women, so make sure to keep an eye on the following lines to find more about it!

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Your skin care products no longer have any effect, your knees need Orthovisc treatment every six months to stop from paining and your hair is completely grey by now – what can be worse? Choosing a hair color that makes you look even older would be a terrible idea. Dyeing our hair is one of […]

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Here is some great advice that will help you overcome the middle age crisis. Read more to find out how it is important to maintain an optimistic attitude and try to find solutions for your problems. Taking care of your aspect can boost your morale, but try not to neglect your partner, because he needs special attention as well. Surprise him with the best electric shaver for men.

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We have encompassed in this article celebrities who chose to alter their dark shade. Emma Watson’s short hair is really well suited by this sandy brown hair color. Caramel brown is great color among available summer hair colors for brunettes. Jennifer Lopez opted for these golden highlights that flatter and lighten her complexion.

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Although Audrina Patridge hair color was initially dark, she started out as a brunette, this did not make her have second thoughts about brightening her hair color to a caramel shade with roots of the same color as chocolate. Hues of caramel golden highlights have been quite popular and still are this year, as well, so choosing to brighten her hair color with this hair highlights around her face is an obvious choice.

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In this article, we address all possible concerns about coloring hair while pregnant. Whether you want to dye your hair or you are working as a hair stylist, the risks of absorbing hair dye chemicals are minimal. Still, you can take additional precautionary measures in order to ease your mind.

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Nowadays, hair is one of the most important factors we have to deal with. To most women, it may look like a risky business, but actually dealing with it should be a pleasant time and one in which you get to know your body better. In this case, the Ion hair color products are more than we should ask for! Make sure you stick with us and keep reading.

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Nowadays, keeping up with the new seems to be the key to a perfect appearance. More and more of us realize how important it is to be beautiful, but how can we do so when there are plenty from which to choose, but hard to make the best choice? Well, believe it or not, but the hair is known for having the biggest impact on someone – what about the caramel hair color for this season?

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It is already a well-grounded fact, in history and not only current society, that women call on various products to complete and enhance their beauty. Makeup products like lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, hair products like dyes, hairsprays, heating tools, creams, lotions, nail polishes and many, many more, all for the sake of “being presentable”. Some […]

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Chestnut hair color can be defined with a shade that is placed between brown and reddish hair color. The reddish color is slowly noticed, as it cannot be mistaken with the real red color. On the other hand, the brown shade that is part of chestnut is brighter than what we call brown hair.

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Throughout time, more and more women realize the big impact the hair has on their physiognomy. Believe it or not, but you can not actually find one of them to say that they are completely satisfied by the way they look. It’s quite normal, and a change from once in a while is welcomed. The light brown hair color is one style more and more of us seem to enjoy!

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Since men have started to color their hair we have some men’s hair color tips for them. Lately men have started to color their hair just so they can look younger or trendy. When it comes to women you can find all the hair style tips you want on TV, in magazines or on the […]

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One of the new trends in hair colors is the inoa hair colors which were manufactured in order to replace the dyes that have ammonium in them. Women have dyed their hair for many years and it is one of the many things that give them pleasure. The reason why women use hair color is […]

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If you want to dye your hair brown you should first take a look at the brown hair color chart and figure out which one will look best on you. Here we have for you the brown hair color chart from John Frieda. We are going to give you bellow all the brown shades available […]

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One of the most popular producers of hair dyes is Revlon hair colors which is an international brand. The company is situated in American and it is very popular among women because it brings new shades every year according to trends. But, besides being in sync with fashion industry trends, Revlon is also preoccupied with […]

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A more natural hair color is the organic hair color which is entirely made out of organic ingredients, it does not irritate your hair and it protects it. There are a of hair colors on the market who say that they are organic but in fact they are not. To understand better what an organic […]

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One of the lightest shades of blond is the platinum blonde hair which is a combination between blonde and a light shade of silver. It has been in trend for many years due to the fact that it gives a very chic look to a woman. The downside about this hair color is the fact […]

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