Red Hair Color Ideas

If you are looking for red hair color ideas because you are thinking to dye your hair with red then you are in the right place. We have for you a lot of ideas regarding the color and a lot or tricks that come with this color. It is known that red hair always catches the attention of man no matter how old they are or from what part of the world they come from. This particular color has the ability to transform you into a very appealing and exotic person simply because it is so rare.

So you decided to change your hair color into red which is a great idea but before you do this you should know that there are certain things that you must take into consideration when you pick the shade. Your choice should be based on the color of the skin and your eyes.

Here are some of the shades of red that you can choose from:
Red Hair Color Ideas

Light red hair color
If you are looking for a soft and discrete red color for your hair you should go with the light red color. This color is not so intense and it will make you look trendy. You should search for a street fashion blog and get some inspiration for this color, because it might be difficult to match to your wardrobe. For a nuance such as this, you have to make sure you have the right attitude, and the clothes are an important factor. By researching on a street fashion blog, you can see what other redheads are wearing and emulate their style.

Red Hair Color Ideas
Medium red hair color
If you want a sophisticated look choose the medium red color, it will give depth to your hair and you will look like a lady. The color will make your hair shine and will give it that movement effect.

Red Hair Color Ideas
Dark red hair color
If you pick a dark red hair color you will give your hair an intense appearance and your hair will have different shades according to the intensity of the sun.

Red Hair Color Ideas

Bright red hair color
If you want to make a statement and be in the center of attention choose the bright red hair color. It will make you look and feel unique. To keep this look you will have to follow some important tips because the color demands a lot of care and attention.

Red Hair Color Ideas
Celebrity red hair color
When you are looking for red hair color ideas you should look at celebrities, they are the ones who can inspire you since they are most of the times trend setters. Just look at the pictures from red carpets, you will find some celebrities that often do dye their hair red such as: Christina Hendricks and. Debra Messing. Just keep in mind that if you like a color it does not mean that it will look good on you.


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